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After the thesis statement, you want to cite three examples, or subtopics, that support your thesis. He is forced to do something he does not want to do.

Yeah, Moby really liked it.

Five-Paragraph Essay/Transcript

Your intro paragraph is sort of a mini outline for your essay. Oh, you wrote your own essay. Moby picks up the crumpled paper out of the wastebasket and makes a beeping sound. When George shoots Lennie, he loses his constant friend and companion.

Right, you have to have a topic before you start. Anyway, the first paragraph in a five-paragraph essay is called the introductory paragraph. Moby makes another beeping sound while holding the paper and looking at Tim. The topic might be assigned by your teacher or you might get to choose it.

Moby holds the paper close to his chest and shakes his head to indicate no. You need to explain how that example relates to your thesis. I guess I was off to a good start. In the conclusion, you want to restate the thesis and the three supporting ideas in a powerful way that ties everything together.

One of my examples would be that at the end of the story, George is ultimately forced to take an action that leaves him all alone. A sheet of paper is shown with the top section highlighted and the words introductory paragraph shown beneath the highlighted box.

This paragraph tells the reader what the essay is going to be about. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that restates one of the three supporting ideas presented in the first paragraph. The fifth paragraph of your essay is the conclusion.

Moby beeps and holds up a piece of paper that reads "George and Lennie: Yeah, it was a really good story. My next two paragraphs will be like that one—taking a point from my intro and expanding on it to prove my thesis. In paragraphs two, three, and four, you expand on those three subtopics that you identified in the intro paragraph.

This is your opinion about what you are writing. The five-paragraph essay has a really specific format that you want to follow.

Tim holds a letter in front of him and reads it aloud. That topic sentence needs support. After he writes a few lines, he makes a face to show he is unhappy, crumples up the paper, and throws it into the wastebasket.

Can I read it? Your introduction needs to include a thesis statement. George is backed into a corner.Learn about intros, conclusions, and what should go in each paragraph of a short essay. a topic sentence that restates an idea from the introductory paragraph. The concluding paragraph contains a restatement of the thesis statement and the.

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Together as a class, choose a topic to write about. The Mysteries of Life with Tim& Moby Tim is shown writing on a piece of paper while he sits at a desk. After he writes a few lines, he makes a face to show he is unhappy, crumples up the paper Five-Paragraph Essay/Transcript | BrainPOP Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia.

Writing a paragraph brainpop videos
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