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In analyzing boutique hotel value, the paper considers hotels that have sold in the past five years in Boston, New York City, and Washington D.

In defining boutique hotel, the paper Thesis boutique hotel upon both written definitions and interviews with real estate developers and real estate brokers. The purpose of this paper is to provide the reader with an understanding of boutique hotel value and conditions that allow for boutique hotel success.

This thesis begs the question; can design be used in such a way that an establishment, such as a boutique hotel, can begin to signify more than just a collection decorated rooms so that it contributes to the story being told with respect to place? Boutique hotels are known for being small and they distinguish themselves as luxurious and unique in addition to providing premium services and amenities for their guests.

In conjunction with such analysis and interviews, tourism data for each city is reviewed in an attempt to gain a deeper understanding of boutique hotels.

In recent decades, boutique hotels have witnessed a dramatic increase in popularity in the United States. The paper analyzes the results of the value comparison of the different hotel categories.

Understanding the value of boutique hotels

The beauty of travel comes from curiosity, exploration, and discovery. Through research and personal experience I have found that most small hotels that fit the definition of a boutique hotel do not market themselves as such while large, chain Thesis boutique hotel that do not fit the same definition, do.

Second, it will provide a comparative analysis, based upon price-per-room paid by investors, of three different hotel categories: The building was originally constructed in for the purpose of providing power to the neighboring Lucky Strike building which was used as a cigarette factory. Christiana Lafazani Abstract One of the most exciting aspects of traveling is the ability to, for a short time, experience what life is like in a different part of the world.

While there are many options, over the past decade, the boutique hotel has grown in popularity. First, it will provide a formal definition of boutique hotel, a definition which remains elusive despite the popularity of the hotel category.

Potential shifts in American consumer interest are discussed, as well as the broader significance of the boutique hotel movement. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Many boutique hotels can offer a unique experience for their guests by differentiating room decor so that every room is different or by creating an elegant and intimate lobby or dining experience, however, none have demonstrated a direct connection between the hotel and the context in which it resides.

Another part of the traveling experience is having a place to stay at night. The building is in a prime location and situated at the end of the historic and popular Shockoe Bottom strip with Church Hill to the north and the James River just south. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Date Issued: In conclusion, the paper discusses conditions that allow for boutique hotel success, and potential cultural explanations for the boutique hotel movement.

The certified thesis is available in the Institute Archives and Special Collections. The boutique hotel category is defined, and then contrasted with the definitions of independent hotels and branded chain hotels. This can be misleading.

Whether traveling fifty miles away from home or to another continent, cultures, landscapes, and the many nuances of day-to-day life change. Price-per-room paid by investors for these hotels is compared across each of the three hotel categories, in each of the three cities.More Projects From Shelley Quinn.

Restaurant Design Sustainable Office Design.

The concept of the hotel was to create a place that would “inspire and amaze by combining the chic and elegant modern design with flawless service unmatched in Brno” (Comsa Brno Palace Hotel Superior, ).

The Hotel Felix is an upscale boutique hotel that wants to have a luxurious, sustainable and trendy image. The lighting design needs to engage with the community, patrons and the architecture in.

A case study of customer motivation in boutique hotels in Xiamen, China using push-pull theory by Tao Wang A thesis submitted to the graduate faculty. The Boutique Hotels industry has outperformed the broader Hotels and Motels industry over the five years tothanks to increasing consumer demand for accommodations with unique offerings.

Growth in consumer spending has spiked domestic and international travel rates, which have in turn facilitated impressive industry growth. The idea of the present thesis is promotion of the boutique hotel Lossiranta Lodge via various modern methods and ways on the Internet by dint of advertising.

In the framework of this work was identified the.

Thesis boutique hotel
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