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Various rules and regulations have been planned and implemented by the government of India to bring artificial unity in diversity however it is only human mind which can bring natural unity in diversity among people. If it plays its role honestly, it will be a great force in building the nation.

It is possible only through the unity and harmony of the people. One of major duties of media today is to inform the people about the latest happening around them and the world.

Democracy having become a global norm — with the exception of certain monarchical and dictatorial states — the electoral and representational systems of many nations will face grave strains and pressures.

To briefly examine the role of media in the national development of Pakistan would be to take an unusual example that is not necessarily representative of the average nation-state of Asia or of most developing countries.

They promote a bizarre alienation between immediate physical neighbours. They advertise in media for the enhancement Role of media in national integration essay business purposes.

But the contrast between one set of states, societies, and media, and the contrast with the Pakistan-India equation, remains an area worth venturing into for the purposes of rationalization and reconciliation in the decades ahead.

There was built a pool of human resources from which many went on to become the pioneers in the advent of television in the late s, and onwards. Media denotes an item specifically designed to reach a large audience or viewers.

Role of Media in National Development in the 21st Century

Indian government has founded the Council of National Integration in the hope that people living here would co-operate in fulfilling the purpose of its all programmes. India is a big country having vast population of various creed and castes. As individualized electronic linkages e.

Obviously, it is quite clear that we need to understand the meaning of national integration in our lives and follow everything to give a single identity of our country. Almost arbitrarily forced into creation on 14 August with the absurdly short notice of only 10 weeks imposed by the arrogance of Lord Mountbatten, the last British Viceroy, the leaders and the people of Pakistan were not even certain about the exact demarcation of their frontiers when they won their freedom.

On the other, as custodians of the public interest which are expected to rise above considerations of profit and income to serve the national good.

The media in the advanced society should perform a noble mission of enlightening people and discourage sectarian, communal and divisive trends. Resuming speculation about how media are likely to interact with the process of national development in the 21st century: Its duty is to inform, educate and entertain the people.

The media focuses in bringing details of all major political situations, decisions and scenarios. National integration is possible here only when each community live peacefully together, appreciate other community, love people of other community and respect culture and tradition of others.

Whether a country has been reasonably stable as in the case of the USA or whether a country has been volatile as in the case of Kenya, media have played a notable role in the process of national development: In the 21st century, several urban centres of Asian nations are going to attain the size and scale of mega-cities.

In its first two decades Radio Pakistan also became a training ground for hundreds of individuals whose talent and interest in broadcasting were nurtured and guided towards high levels of professional skills. If people from different religions and culture live together by uniting, there will be no any social or developmental problems.

It attracted individuals of all ages to a new profession and to a new part-time vocation. People are forced to buy harmful or substandard products. Everyone always try here that his religion is best than others and what he does is always great. It is a positive aspect to reduce the differences of socio-cultural and economic as well as inequalities among people of the country.

These will be caused by the inability of the existing electoral systems to serve as effective checks and balances upon executives and governments.

Even most of the independent print media in the western wing fell in line with the ruling clique. This uncertainty ignited panic and bloodshed between adherents of different religions who had lived together for centuries but were now suddenly faced with insecurity of life and property, community and identity.

Climate change may devastate whole eco-systems so badly that nations too could be destabilized at their cores. Already, some of the cities and towns present awesome spectacles of barely controlled disorder, of over-flowing sewage and empty water pipes, of smoke- spewing vehicles which breed like rabbits and slums that swell with unemployed, under-employed — or unemployable!

The media has a strong social and cultural impact upon society. All this while, we will need to remember that mother earth is infinite in her beauty but has limits to her capacity.

For instance, the media of China, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia have no inter-action on a popular level with the people of Pakistan. It promotes to strengthen the unity among people of any group, society, community and whole country to bring national unity a day.

There was the big yawning gap of territory between the two wings divided by distance as also by language.An Essay on the Role of Media. Article shared by. The term media is derived from Medium, which means carrier or mode. Media denotes an item specifically designed to reach a large audience or viewers.

The term was first used with the advent of newspapers and magazines. However, with the passage of time, the term broadened by the inventions of.

Keywords: essay on role of media, importance of media Media is considered to be the 4th pillar of the society while the other three being legislative, executive and judiciary. It plays an important role in the welfare of the society, working as an informer, an educator, a form of.

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National Aluminium Company (NALCO) observed Vigilance Awareness Week in its headquarters essay media role of national integration in promoting and offices from 30 th October to 4 th. · Cultural Studies Essays - Social essay media role of national integration in promoting Integration The role of mass essays written by nikki giovanni media in Bushra Beegom R.K.

The role of women as teachers also could pave the way for development of communal harmony and national integration in the society.

The influence of teachers on children is very strong only next to the influence of family especially that of mothers. Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. It is the responsibility of media to promote national interest and national integration.

In a democratic society the role of media is to be of a watchdog. THE ROLE OF MEDIA IN NATIONAL INTEGRATION. Media. Role of Media in National Development in the 21st Century. Posted on October 2, in Vol 2 No 2 // 0 Comments. By. Media played a significant role in national affairs and in national development across the world regardless of the specific type of nation and state they were located in.

They prevent assimilation and integration. They.

Role of media in national integration essay
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