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Although binge drinking is not alcoholism or alcohol dependency, it can be just as Problem solution essay binge drinking. A person may start feeling good after one drink and continue drinking more to maintain the effect.

However, it can easily become a recurrent trend — a slippery slope for potential alcohol dependency. Typically, your blood alcohol concentration BAC will rise to 0. Alcohol Abuse is one of the biggest problems with educational institutions in North Carolina and around the United States.

Students end up missing class, having unprotected sex, damaging property, and getting injured as a result of abusing alcohol, also the health risk involved with binge or excessive drinking is very prevalent and risky for any high school student who chooses to abuse alcohol.

Pages Binge Drinking Essay Binge Drinking Essay Binge or excessive drinking is the most serious problem affecting social life, health and education on high school students today.

If you struggle with binge drinking and are ready to seek help, call us today. Having fun Many social events involve alcohol. Testing tolerance With numerous drinking games, alcohol consumption turns into a competition.

Besides alcohol posing, there are many cancer and diseases associated with alcohol abuse that ultimately lead to death for example breast and lvier and skin. Even with research studies and information about the dangers of excessive drinking, alcohol is still frequently viewed as a fun pastime.

These steps would surely lower the incident of those driving while in intoxicated and would definitely hinder the reoccurrence of convicted drivers committing their second offense.

Binge Drinking

For some people, especially those on prescription medications or other drugs, it may take a smaller amount of alcohol to reach a binge drinking level. Peers try to outdo one another and often consume dangerous amounts of alcohol. The sudden but temporary side effects of binge drinking are: In the United States, binge drinking is most common in individuals ages 26 and older.

In fact, this age group accounts for roughly 70 percent of all binge drinking episodes. Rebelling Many adolescents and young adults want to be viewed as their own unique person. We can help you find top-rated treatment facilities that will help get your life back on track.

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This is the first step in solving any problem and is often the first to be ignored. News Reasons for Binge Drinking The number of people who binge drink continues to increase each year. There needs to be a complete saturation in high schools and not the surrounding areas including buisnesses and the media, expressing how excessive drinking is NOT attractive nor socially accepted.

While some side effects are minor and only last temporarily, others can cause permanent damage. Frieden pulled from U. For men, binge drinking is identified as having five or more drinks over the course of two hours.

And unfortunately,there is a myriad of unwanted risk and consequences lurking behind every bottle of tequila,every joy ride while intoxicated, and every member of the opposite sex looking pretty good after a six-pack of beer. The temptation to let go of inhibitions and party all night long influences many people.

All free online essays, sample essays and essay examples on any writing topics are plagiarized and cannot be completely used in your school, college or university education. For women, binge drinking is defined as having four or more drinks within a two-hour timeframe. Drinking large amounts of alcohol can affect you mentally, physically and emotionally.

In Conclusion people of NC need to make stiffer penalties and enforce them for all violating the underage drinking laws for parties. At least 80 percent of binge drinkers are not alcohol dependent. Stats have demonstrated that drunk driving,unsafe sex and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases have continued to rise.

If you need a custom essay, dissertation, thesis, term paper or research paper on your topic, EffectivePapers. As a way to resist rules and social norms, some will binge drink to boost confidence and assert their independence.

We guarantee each customer great quality and no plagiarism! Not only can binge drinking hurt you, it can also take a toll on your family members and friends.Much of the media attention to do with binge drinking is focused on public drunkenness.

But it's arguable that the greater problem is the health impact of drinking too much. Alcohol problems and solutions: debunking myths and sharing effective peer-reviewed ways to reduce drinking problems & live healthier, for nearly 20 years.

Free Essay: Binge Drinking Drinking has become an increasing problem in our society. Many people now see drinking as a norm. Lisa McIntyre, author of The. Binge Drinking Among College Students and Consequences Audience-(Student Fraternity and College Administrators) Binge drinking is a problem that has continued to have a toll on the lives of college students despite efforts by the government and school administrators to curb the trend.

While binge drinking is not the same as alcohol use disorder (AUD), it significantly increases the risk of developing an alcohol abuse problem. A shift from binge drinking to alcoholism can happen quickly, leading to serious.

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