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Youth interns, City Sprouts staff and community volunteers will supervise garden maintenance and summer educational workshops to reach a broad local audience. And he developed the concept of "open space" meetings -- where attendees break into ad hoc groups to discuss anything they think is Open space -- after years of hearing people wax eloquent about the good experiences they had at meetings outside of the prearranged sessions.

At least three restored schoolground-parks, serving a minimum total of students and their families; at least three community workdays to involve residents in project construction; at least three public events to invite the Portland community into newly greened sites for safe and productive use; expanded mailing list to reach at least 1, community members and businesses; expanded website with educational articles and links on environmental and social benefits of greener schoolground-parks; an educational conference to reach over community residents; increased walking and biking to sites by residents and students.

Sara based the design of Foo Camp in part on the "Open Space" Open space of Harrison Owen fromwho is widely credited with developing the concept.

Archived from the original on The end result is that introverts are largely silent during the opening process, and the subsequent Open Space sessions are biased towards those proposed and often dominated by a comfortably-vocal minority. An Episcopal priest and self-described civil rights activist, he held various governmental posts before becoming an organizational consultant 15 years ago.

Increased community involvement with a minimum of 40 project days and days of environmental service; two internships for teen graduates of Youth Environmental Action program; restoring and improving plant biodiversity at seven sites covering Open Space session topics are determined by individuals who stand up in front of the entire group and announce their chosen topic.

Open space technology is a very successful participatory process, but it has two potential shortcomings: The project seeks to transform asphalt-dominated schoolgrounds into greener, healthier, more productive areas by developing a coalition of community members, local agencies, and local businesses which will reclaim and restore school areas into schoolground-parks in Portland as centers for community gathering, environmental education, and stewardship.

Cook, Karen September 25, The project will work with residents, schools, youth and community partners to undertake substantial redesign and renovation of at least three schoolground-parks. Retrieved July 16, Integrating open space with another participatory process, dynamic facilitation, could address these weaknesses when modest additional resources are available.

Open Space Technology

EarthWorks staff will work with residents and teen interns to measurably improve the ecological health and biodiversity of these sites through hands-on training, environmental service learning projects, and follow-up activities to illustrate integrated pest management, reduction of toxics in soil, Open space agriculture, and orchard preservation.

Retrieved July 18, Twenty public workshops will be offered at no cost over the course of two years for community members to attend, and eight families will be specifically trained in comprehensive urban gardening techniques.

Tools for influencing power and policy. Participatory Learning and Action A Schoolground Greening Conference will also be held to educate, engage and inform Portland residents about the greening of schoolground-parks and teach key principles of environmental stewardship in urban areas.

The coalition will also seek to further expand its outreach through newsletters, press releases, monthly meetings, new members, email lists, and an expanded website to reach more residents in Maine.

Archived from the original on April 6, Generally, this is much easier for extroverts, who have few difficulties speaking to a group extemporaneously, than introverts who tend to shun such opportunities.Open Space is a hybrid, interdisciplinary publishing platform for artists, writers, et al.

An independent special district in the San Francisco Bay Area that has preserved a regional greenbelt system of over 63, acres of public land and manages 26 open space preserves. Open space is any open piece of land that is undeveloped (has no buildings or other built structures) and is accessible to the public.

Open Space: a center for community.

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If you're looking for an Anchorage yoga studio that meets your varied needs with classes on donation, this is the place for you! To reset your password, please enter your OpenSpace username or email address. Open Space (Technology) is a simple way to run productive meetings, for five to + people, and a powerful approach to leadership in any kind of organization, in everyday practice and turbulent change.

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