Nonfiction creative writing exercises

Creative Nonfiction Boot Camp

Write about what you hate most about writing. This ten minutes is for writing, not editing, not note taking, not planning.

Creative non-fiction writing exercises

This happens because writers are seeking to establish their credentials and sometimes their opinions in addition to the facts being presented. This means sometimes how the content is relayed to the reader is more important than the overall facts being communicated.

The issue that every nonfiction writer encounters at some point in their career is the issue of over-explanation. Writers tend to overcomplicate their narrative simply because they feel it is boring or dull. Is there a character or a situation worth pursuing farther?

The Time Is Now

From the Headlines Consider the newspaper. Write the saddest thing you know about friendship. Write a story from the point of view of the person who brought it home.

Write this story in the third person. Spend the first five minutes thinking, jotting notes, clustering, doodling, gnashing your teeth, or wandering around, if you choose. What do you see? Quickly write down every element you can remember in as much detail as possible.

Add them back sparingly.

Why do I still do whatever it is? Use quotes from this ritual or service as a frame for your essay.

Creative Nonfiction Writing Exercises

As a final step, try to follow your instructions to duplicate results. We will consider elements such as pacing, structure, and description. One of the things many writers struggle with in the revision process is knowing when a piece is finished.

How important are they? Nonfiction writing in this format can be creative and engaging as well, but only if the writing outlines the different steps the reader must consider. Or try your hand at a sonnet! Then practice writing out those steps in a way that any reader could understand.

Winding Roads: Exercises in Writing Creative Nonfiction

The risks of making changes are great. Question of the year: From Poetic Medicine by John Fox. When you can tap into that energy, your nonfiction writing will become a reflection of it.

Add a sustaining metaphor or an apt simile. See the About tab in the top menu. With these thoughts in mind, again walk around. Can I submit that for critique? Self Help Write an essay in the form of a how-to guide using the second person. Any type of narrative or story writing is built on a series of events.

Now fill in an emotional tone for each detail. How do you feel when you find out it cost the equivalent of three months pay? Then sit down and write something you might be willing to share, building on your first efforts. The best writing in this genre comes from those who are passionate about the subjects they discuss because their love of it rubs off on each and every reader.If creative nonfiction is in part “a way of seeing,” what is a different view of a standard story?

Take the front page of the newspaper and make a list of stories. Is there a more particular angle that you can draw up an essay from?

Exercises for Writing Creative Nonfiction. Below, find a variety of exercises to help you get started writing original and imaginative true stories.

The Time Is Now offers a weekly writing prompt (we’ll post a poetry prompt on Tuesdays, a fiction prompt on Wednesdays, and a creative nonfiction prompt on Thursdays) to help you stay committed to your writing practice throughout the year.

Creative Nonfiction's special boot camp sessions will do just that by providing firm deadlines, writing exercises, and weekly feedback. Along the way you'll also develop the habit of writing regularly which will serve you all year long (and well beyond!).

These creative nonfiction writing exercises will help you turn those facts into the hero of your narrative. Clear, concise discussions of particular techniques of writing creative nonfiction are followed by practice of these individual techniques.

The book also contains an extensive anthology of essays to use as models, when students write their own essays or parts of exercises.

Nonfiction creative writing exercises
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