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Sign in to vote. And if this was a Code Red, the real question is, who gave the order? Was the death of the marine justified in favor of national security? Also turning in notable performances are Pollak, whose dry humor adds such an extra touch to the film, and Wolfgang Bodison, who makes an impressive screen debut as Lance Corporal Dawson, on of the Marines on trial for the murder of Santiago.

Demi Moore is very good, and appealing with or without the chestal enhancements. The cinematography is also really good, and holds up really well, and the fact that the film is a legal drama and has such a great scope to it is very surprising to me.

Kaffee is supremely capable as a trial attorney, yet is immature, hiding a deep anxiety that he can never measure up to his late father. Families can talk about the duties of a citizen to their family and their country. Daniel Kaffee Tom Cruise is assigned to defend the presumed murderers at their court martial, in a presumably open-and-shut case.

If so, does that make the dead soldier a victim or a perpetrator himself?

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Outwardly upbeat and personable, Kaffee seems more concerned with his softball game than he does with the time he has to spend on the job.

Honor and heroism pertain to the brave soldier, certainly, but even more so to the brave citizen-patriot who would wrest power away from tyrants. There are several camera angles in this movie, especially close-ups, that tell us a lot about what is happening with the characters, or try and suggest what to think about the characters.

A Few Good Men

Kevin Pollak … Lt. The film stars Tom Cruise as the happy-go-lucky lawyer who works in the defence of these two marines, Kevin Bacon stars as the prosecution, and the incomparable Jack Nicholson stars as the fearsome, razor-tongued Colonel Jessup, who was in charge of the unit where the accused and victim came from.

Unit, Corps, God, Country. This is the basis for character development as the plot moves forward. Hammaker and Christopher Guest Dr. For adults or very mature teens, A Few Good Men brings up complex and interesting issues surround the military and the duties of soldiers in uniform: Let me further that thought by repeating a quote I first heard from Mr.

And second, how the same honest pride—not to mention competence—is necessary to bring such posturing would-be tyrants to justice. When he speaks, you not only hear him loud and clear, you believe him.A Few Good Men Movie Review - One of the biggest problems that people tend to have with this film is the direction, mainly that it doesn't trust the intelligence.

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Movie reviews for A Few Good Men. MRQE Metric: See what the critics had to say and watch the trailer. Audience Reviews for A Few Good Men. As seen in "The Newsroom" and "The Social Network," Aaron Sorkin obviously writes some great dialogue and speeches, and Kaffee and Jessup's courtroom 82%.

Dec 11,  · "A Few Good Men" is a big commercial entertainment of unusually satisfying order. "A Few Good Men," which has been rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent. A Few Good Men movie reviews & Metacritic score: One man is dead. Two are accused of murder. The entire Marine Corps is on trial.

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Movie review a few good
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