Marketing plan report of sunsilk shampoo

Therefore, the company has to turn to traditional which is television to achieve the company goals. Sunsilk product used internet to promote the product because nowadays, most of the people open internet to find a data or information.

If you need this project, mail us at this id: By inviting the singer, it would attract the society a lot. Why to use for Best results: Objective from campaign by communication The objective for the campaign is to introduce Sunsilk product to the public, so that people who does not know anything become know about this product, also give more information for the people that already know about Sunsilk, by the campaign, it can enlarge the market.

To study the frequency of changing a shampoo. If the advertisement is nice and attractive, the consumers will look and see what also can read the advertisement and this will make the consumers try the products.

The success of the organization highly depended on the promotion that directed for the interest of the customer. The creative strategy statement for Sunsilk is the marketer strategy to make event in Monas and give free hair treatment by washing their hair to the consumers so that the people can try the product, this become one of promotion to achieve the company goals.

The advertising that the company can provide, can be photo, video etc. The New Sunsilk Shampoo aims at fulfilling the needs of its target market by offering a high quality, assessment of the concept in terms of its acceptability, credibility and perceived benefits, that it offers a healthy choice shampoo alternative to the targeted consumer.

This would people thought it is a maid shampoo. The advertisement will be located on the coversheet behind of the magazines, even though putting there will be more expensive, but more people would see it through clearly.

Not stop until that, well known singer will also be invited to show their performance in front of the stage. The advertisements that were executed by informational and emotional appeal can influence the strivers to obtain our product, and it also relate with our positioning which understands them.

Major selling idea to communicate There are four concepts of major selling ideas but we only used one concept, which is using a unique selling proposition. Many people care with their appearance, and hair become one of the most factor they care about, the target market is for young adult, which is from years old that care with their appearance.

Strong the weak hair. In addition, this will lose the effectiveness to the advertisement itself. Sunsilk Shampoo are targeting female, starting from 21 to 25 years old. We used Go Girls and Cosmo Girls as the media to promote the product because these both magazines is talking about fashion, beauty care that was needed by the target market which is young adult.

The marketer need sponsor to reduce their expense and to increase the profit. To find out the benefits, which consumers derive from the Shampoos. The black and shine hair shows the feminist of the personality. In internet, many website that the consumers can visit, sometime it can make the consumers get confused.

Marketing Plan Sunsilk

The positioning strategies play a very important role to create a perception of the brands by the society.Promotional Campaign for Sunsilk Shampoo Tittle: Integrated Marketing Communications Plan on Sunsilk Shampoo Source: Journal of Marketing Author: Sendy Thahir & Florensia Expectedly the campaign could achieve the objectives of the organization; the report is commissioned for Mr.

Morgan as the Ceo of the Unilever. In the business plan, the sales and marketing plans provide an outline of each marketing event for the year, covering the following information: description of each event vehicle (for example, media, promotion, trade, sales) timing of each event event goals and objectives (for example, volume, share gains) cost of each event Marketing Strategy.

Project Report on Marketing Process of Sunsilk Shampoo Project Report on Marketing Process of Sunsilk Shampoo. Marketing Concept: The essence of marketing concept is the customer, and not the entire, business system.

This report tells that what are the pricing, promotion, and packaging strategy of sunsilk shampoo. It also mentions that what are the version of sunsilk shampoo launch into the market according to consumer need and evaluation. Strength, weakness, opportunities and threats also discuss in this report.

The content of the plan is our unique marketing strategies that will be implemented on how to sell our products to the people, especially in the provinces and how we formulated a shampoo pack that is affordable to consumers. shampoo which is known as the niche leader in shampoo industry.

Family is known as its core identity.

Over the past years, new and better brands entered the market and now, Sunsilk is the leader in shampoo industry in the Philippines. Vaseline remains a strong brand but grows slowly compared to other brands.

Marketing plan report of sunsilk shampoo
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