Literature review on education loan

There exist no association between age and the level of satisfaction 2. Educational development and acquisition of vital skills are necessary for woman if they have to play efficiently even the traditional role as wife and mother. In a country like India, which has multi-religions, multi-classes and multi sectors.

There are different fees structures are followed by different institutions. Tilak in his study, "funding higher education in India". The problem of the finance, which prevails among the students, is solved to the nationalized and private sector banks come forward to grant the educational loan to the need subject to some condition.

Efforts can be made to raise resources from non-government sources. Financing higher education" analysis the review and restructure of the norms for financing the education sector. The subject matter of education is to develop his personality, for which education is more important.

To ascertain the procedure for sanctioning an educational loan. There exist no association between sex and the level of satisfaction.

Literature review

To examine the pattern of utilization of the grants, the committee recommended that the UGC may find a mechanism of providing an appropriate incentive grant, perhaps in the nature of marching grant as an incentive to universities generating their own resources.

Are students faces any problem in sanction of educational loan. There exist no association between occupation of the father respondents and level of satisfaction.

Literature Review Basics

In this study the term satisfaction in used the represent the performance of the students with regard to the educational loan. While, it is true the expenditure on higher education has gave up over the years, the major expenditure on higher education has gave up over the years, the major expenditure has mostly been on the non-plan side.

University education strengthens the pibers of national integration. There is need to improve the mechanism of UGC and governments growth to universities and institution of higher education.

The conclusion is that all aspects of higher education is grants, costs, fees, cost of recovery scholarship, other direct and indirect subsides, generation of other internal resources etc. There is a strong need for such education planning which certificates the heterogeneous components.

There exist no association between Nature of residence and level of satisfaction. There exist no association between the strength of the respondents and level of satisfaction.

Higher education provides to trained and knowledgeable personal to the nations. Most of the student find so different to just enter into the field of education from which they can gain more knowledge.

Educational loans are offered by branch of the bank, spread across the country including the personal banking branches. The Government fix fees structures for the unaided self finance engineering colleges, aided colleges and government colleges, in addition to the government fees of self finance colleges and in addition to the government colleges fees of every student needs funds to meet the cost of education.

The committee recommendations are more or loss the same in regard to the aided deemed universities. But the number and quality such personnel should be as per requirements. After the inauguration of new economic policythere is a major change in financial commitment of the government.

It means there is a wide between the demand and supply of the educational loan hence there some users namely why students are not opportunity the bank for educational loan?

Some more students discontinue their education because of lack of finance to meet the cost of education. The demand for higher education has been rise over the years from all sections of the society. For this purpose primary data were collected by questionnaire method.

The state should continue to play the dominant role in financing higher education. There exist no association between monthly in come of respondent father and level of satisfaction. He observed that the costs of higher education are three components, academic costs, academic costs, academic support cost, and student welfare costs.

University provides not only trained manpower but also improve, Functional efficiency of more engaged in different kinds of productive work, that i. To ascertain the level of satisfaction about the educational loan scheme and procedure among students who have obtained the loan.

To suggest suitable measure for improving the level of satisfaction among students. There exist no association between educational qualification and level of satisfaction.

Do various banks for sanctioning of loan follow any difference between the procedure. Women is now adopting the carrier of her own and sharing equally with him.A literature review or narrative review is a type of review article. A literature review is a scholarly paper, which includes the current knowledge including substantive findings, as well as theoretical and methodological contributions to a particular topic.

Literature Review Introduction than average loan amounts ($42,) made to the smallest businesses with revenues under $1 million The larger small businesses are receiving a greater portion of credit card Access to Capital and Credit for Small Businesses in Appalachia: Literature Review PDF.

Literature Review Examples The dissertation literature reviews below have been written by students to help you with preparing your own literature review. These literature reviews are not the work of our professional dissertation writers. a national study of borrowers who began higher education between and found that degree completion is more important than grades earned.

Earned degree also outweighs the influence of institution type, especially among African Student Loan Default Literature Review. literature review Though there is a slight decrease in lending during the periodthe bank has increased the lending’s substantially.

The total amount of loans and advances as 1/5(1). Literature Review on Loan Elements and Bank Services. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Study shows that high education level does not necessarily have higher repayment behaviour. This is because most of the low education level people is the old person with great and treasure-like experience in their working field.

Thus, education level.

Literature review on education loan
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