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On the one hand as a live TV presenter, Ms Ackroyd could and did go off script; on the other, the contract in place gave CAM the right to control Ms Ackroyd, which meant that the BBC could ask her to present in the studio, at an outside location or work in some other role.

Educated at City University, London, Sally has continued to live in the capital and her interests include music, travel and several sports. Finally, the tribunal stepped back from the detailed arguments and took a holistic view of all of the evidence, deciding that, on balance, the contract was one of employment rather than self-employment.

Jamie is married with four children and lives in Suffolk. There was little expenditure that she had to undertake to carry out her role and only a small element of her income was based on TV ratings and was therefore variable. He started his career in television in at the BBC as a reporter and a producer with the newly formed Business and Economic Unit.

His hobbies are gardening, walking, sailing, carpentry and DIY. BBC Look North presenter goes south: It also meant that the BBC could ensure compliance with its editorial guidelines.

Accordingly the tribunal concluded that she was not in business on her own account. The requirement to provide personal services, or rather in the negative, the inability to furnish a substitute was looked at briefly. She joined the BBC having been a business presenter on a number of international channels.

BBC presenter goes into labour after appearing on live TV

Most recently she was early morning presenter on World Business Report. The decision looked at a number of points. The tribunal weighed the facts and decided that control was ultimately in the hands of the BBC. If you are engaged to work via a personal service company and have concerns about whether or not your engagement is IR35 compliant, contact your local tax expert or your usual UHY adviser.

During that time Sally covered many momentous events, including G7 conferences, historic EU Summits and more recently the aftermath of September 11 and its effects on the financial markets and private investors.

There was mutuality of obligation MOOnot least because the contract required Ms Ackroyd to work at least days a year and for the BBC to pay fees based on the days worked.

The tribunal found that: The case report gives a good workout on the principles of employment status and the relevant case law. And prior to that was the New York presenter for the programme. The control issue is chewed over at some length and hinged upon the nature of the hypothetical contract between Ms Ackroyd and the BBC and whether there was control over Ms Ackroyd.

The FTT pointed out that this case was not a lead case and therefore no other appeals were dependent upon its outcome. The final element considered was whether or not Ms Ackroyd was in business and bore real risk.

Additionally it can be seen that the BBC may have acted in its own interests in this case and was not as supportive of Ms Ackroyd as it could have been. The nature of the work meant that Ms Ackroyd was one of the faces of Look North and not easily replaced. He restored - with help - a 15th century farm house.

The case report is worth a read, as it makes some interesting comments about Ms Ackroyd as a witness and her relationship with the BBC. She is an award-winning financial journalist and television presenter who has been covering financial news for the past seven years.

This was not a significant factor but it was not established that there was an absence of MOO.

Indian TV news presenter finds out husband has died on air

She previously worked at Bloomberg, where she created and presented their evening programme, Bloomberg Money.India Business Report was a weekly business news programme produced by the BBC and shown on BBC World News, presented by Yogita Limaye.

The last episode of this programme aired on April 3, The last episode of this programme aired on April 3, Original network: BBC World News. India Business Report on BBC World News will be broadcasting a special edition to mark the visit. Regular presenter Yogita Limaye, based in Mumbai, will link up with the BBC’s Business Editor.

BBC World News Front Page > Programme Highlights > Programme A-Z > India Business Report A platform for Indian companies to talk to a world audience, giving international investors a deeper insight into one of the planet's most dynamic economies. Dec 05,  · Get latest & exclusive Bbc News news updates & stories.

Explore photos & videos on Bbc News. Also get news from India and world including business, cricket, technology, sports, politics. Business news from India. A platform for Indian companies to talk to a world audience, giving international investors a deeper insight into one of the planet's most dynamic economies.

India Business Report provides an indispensable guide to the big stories to watch out for in the week ahead.

India business report bbc presenter goes
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