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The second officer that was interviewed was from Hawthorne Woods and he and their department are located Lake County. Majority of the people have no practical experience with criminal justice courts, hence their sole source of information is the media.

Canadas Criminal Justice System Essay

Both articles discuss the slow pace of the justice system of Canada and the time it takes for the courts to hand out a verdict or inform people about anything. The main difference was the atmosphere of that of the probationary officers, office and that of the police stations.

She gave her personal experiences as proof of the matter at hand, yet the sensationalism conflicted with objectivity in the article. He felt that most people who pursued jobs in the system were ones who have integrity. For instance, Duke Lacrosse case was covered by the media from the start and instigated controversy immediately.

However, he also noted that just like anything in life there are faults and clinks. But he noted that every other profession has the situation for anything to occur that can hurt their system.

Lake County is more conservative and has far more Republicans than Cook county. He thinks people in these jobs work towards justice. When the officer was asked the first question whether he felt the court system worked, he confidently replied in favor.

He believed that for the most part the court system does work. He mostly found this question to be elementary and found himself confused, but he concluded it with determining it the best system in the world, but could use much improvement. Judges and lawyers often indulge in court jargon during court proceedings, which to a layman is plainly undecipherable.

During this time frame, the representatives from these support groups started making an appearance in the media, courts and political events for gauging public support and lobby government for an overall system change. She took in comparison the case of American Sniper with Luke Magnotta and indicated the distinction between both justice systems.

The Canadian Criminal Justice System - Essay Example

Organizations like Victims of Violence and Citizens United for Safety and Justice, and same as their American equivalents are comprised of mostly middle class, white, middle aged and educated people who lost a dear one due to a criminal offence.

The last interviewee was a probationary officer from Lake County. Americans — four million regularly Financial advantage has never worked as a criminal defense before, … Read More Sample essay Topics, Free essay, Writing Essay service offers help with writing custom essays and The American Bar Association has long had policies against mandatory sentencing in the criminal justice system.

Media is in favor of the victims as compared to other people within the justice system domain. Therefore, the Court system in Lake may differ from those of Cook due to the political background and lobbying that may be done in the system.

They have indicated that justice system has become sluggish in concluding the trials in a timely manner. The first patrol officer that was interviewed Essay on canadas criminal justice system from the Mount Prospect police.

Which leads into the second question on he felt if the court system had integrity and he replied again with approval, that it did. Another aspect to the CJS is the branch of corrections. He believed it all mattered on what side you might be on.

High quality and no plagiarism guarantee! The article referred to a case of American Sniper as the basis of the topic she was highlighting. When it comes to the affairs of the people, it is the governing body who should intervene.

As in the case of Canada, there have been numerous high profile cases which concluded with unjust verdicts, putting the Canadian justice system and its judicial process in question.

Excessive amount of time is wasted in lunch breaks. Since, the patrol officers are who start many of the cases that go to court. The issue became visible when The Star argued over the ban on both cases and the verdict was in their favor.

He felt that he would want to strive to find people in the system that believe in just, and fairness.The Canadian Criminal Justice System is a system that is rooted in fairness, justice, and equality. It does not discriminate against religion, sex, or race, and it is governed by the rule of equity.

The Criminal Justice System in USA - The Criminal Justice System in the United States of America was established with noble intentions. The basis of the system can be traced back from the first book of the Bible Genesis, and the story of Cain and Able.

The United-States believes that the rehabilitation of offenders is an ideal goal to be met in their correctional system, but in reality many offenders reenter into the criminal justice system. Canadian Criminal Justice System Author Institution Abstract The legal system of Canada is based on English Common Law (old) by explorers and colonists.

Canadas Criminal Justice System Essay Search Mega Essays On Offender Offenders – Essays And Papers Historically the judicial system went easier on female offenders because of the. Words 2 Pages.


Canadian Corrections and Criminal Justice System&nbspEssay

Criminal Justice System Compared To Canada U.S. Criminal Justice System Compared To Canada The United States Criminal Justice System is used by national and local governments to maintain social control and punish violators of the law with criminal penalties.

Essay on canadas criminal justice system
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