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Not all publishers like them, but a high-quality essay collection can work well as a book and in some cases make a valuable intervention in a field. Too short implies superficiality; too long implies bloating. Afterwords and forewords can be much shorter, too.

Edited Volume

A lot of editors team up so that we see a combination of one senior and one junior scholar, or a mix of three or four. It may be beneficial to organize the collection into sections by topic or theme.

All of the selected chapters should clearly belong in the volume and together should make the collection more than the sum of its parts. A successful edited volume is more than a compilation of conference papers, or an expanded version of a thematic journal issue, but is itself a coherent intellectual project and should be considered that way from the beginning.

That is, essays should do more than describe a problem; they should argue for a new, unique, and interesting solution. Once a manuscript has been approved for publication, a contract for the book will be signed between the Press and the volume editors.

While these dimensions have been treated separately to a greater or lesser extent in a number of publications, this collection considers them comprehensively and in an integrated manner.

Edited Collections

History, Art History and Design Academics often find themselves confronted with the task of editing a volume of essays, sometimes following a conference, and sometimes simply because a state-of-the-field volume is overdue.

This helps the volume editors to clarify their vision for the book and allows the participating authors to articulate the significance of their own contributions. As a collection has many moving parts, it is essential that the volume editors take a firm hand at the outset to ensure that all of the contributors fulfil their responsibilities, meet their deadlines at each stage, and help the project move forward in a timely way.

We encourage volume editors to raise this matter with contributors at an early stage and to advise them of their responsibilities. Dirk Moses, and Max Silverman. Stef Craps and Rick Crownshaw, eds.

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Longer books will usually require discussion with the commissioning editor As a rule of thumb, chapters should be words, including all notes and references. If the subject is mainly studied in the UK, do you have any UK names in there? Again, these might come under limitations of the book to be discussed in the introduction Where the book will sell.

A generic chapter structure can be a good way of making things very clear for the reader, so that for example everybody starts with a little piece on how their chapter relates to the book overall.Framing and proposing an edited volume for publication.

Wednesday, 17 Feb By Emma Brennan, Editorial Director and Senior Commissioning Editor: History, Art History and Design.

Edited volume

Edited Collections. insights and research expertise—and to work against its main vulnerability—being a mishmash of loosely related essays. A successful edited volume is more than a compilation of conference papers, or an expanded version of a thematic journal issue, but is itself a coherent intellectual project and should be considered.

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Framing and proposing an edited volume for publication

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With an introduction by Stef Craps and Rick Crownshaw; essays by Pieter Vermeulen, Adeline Johns-Putra, Ben De Bruyn, River Ramuglia, Courtney Traub, Jesse Oak Taylor, Mahlu Mertens and Stef Craps; and an interview with Stephanie LeMenager.

Edited Volume. Stef Craps and Gert Buelens, eds. Article or Chapter in an Edited Book Search this Guide Search. APA Citation Style, 6th edition: Article or Chapter in an Edited Book.

A guide to help users create citations using APA (American Psychological Association) style, 6th edition. APA Toggle Dropdown.

APA Citation Style, 6th edition: APA

Do Try This At Home: Dance Manuals, Myopia and Misrecognition. In Gillian Arrighi and Victor Emeljanow (Eds.), A World of Popular Entertainments: An Edited Volume of .

Edited volume essays
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