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Review andldquo;In this fascinating and timely study, Clare Virginia Eby shines in her ability to bring us closer to the emotional and cultural aspects of the Progressive era, and her argument for marriage as a laboratory is extremely compelling. The Era Coontz summary Political Marriage Chapter 4: It is, in part, the failure of modern values to spread fast enough.

Reporting is often "manic-depressive," announcing the death of marriage one day and its miraculous resurrection the next. The emergence of Christianity in Rome had little initial impact on marriage, for early Christians did not hold the marital union in very high esteem compared to the spiritual union in celibacy with Christ.

Laura goes through early lif This novel is a combination of science fiction time travel and suspense, and the result is a book I was not be able to put down.

The economic gains of women and minorities have been too small to explain the economic problems of white men. But they also believe that fatherhood entails less actual parenting than motherhood, and that mothers should limit their employment while children are young.

Marriage a History How Love Conquered Marriage

The changing economy has created many temporary jobs for young people, but not enough "meaningful participation in work, civic life, and public space" p. Often these German or Welsh or Irish immigrant servant "girls" really were girls, as young as Of course, in order to play this American Family Dream Game, you really did have to be white and middle class.

What is usually seen as a family crisis is really a larger social crisis that requires a broad societal response.

Marriage, a History

Misleading statistics and out-of-context "factoids" abound, so that surface events are exaggerated and real trends missed. The Many Meanings of Marriage Chapter 3: Beyond that, different kinds of families have different parenting challenges.

In Search of Traditional Marriage Chapter 1: The poverty rate was higher than today, but at least it was falling. According to Arlene Skolnick, social change first goes through stages of personal distress and public conflict before social institutions can stabilize by adapting to new realities.

Putting Divorce in Perspective We can accept social change without denying that adjusting to it can be difficult. Both are well thought-out and well-written characters.

The Way We Really Are

Among the easiest targets are families on welfare and groups seeking new economic rights, especially women and minorities. Each type of family has its own particular strengths Coontz summary well as its own vulnerabilities.

The s family was more of a short-lived experiment than a continuation of a long tradition. The biggest increases in the birth rate of unmarried women occurred before and after ; the recent period of increase reflects the reluctance of young men with low wage prospects to marry.

All classes of parents tried to find gain for themselves by arranging marriages that consolidated the right set of in-laws. She rolls away to safety just before the pool of gas surrounding Vess ignites. Clever marketing, even if it is quite accidental. Large numbers of workers joined unions, received pensions and health benefits, and worked a relatively short work week.

We should be building a better support system for all types of families, through family-friendly policies in work, government and education.

This change required government to expand public education and social assistance programs.

Marriage, A History Summary

Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this 8-page Marriage, A History study guide and get instant access to the following: Coontz summary complexity of stepfamilies is especially challenging, but it can also provide children with additional adult models and help them develop flexibility in dealing with roles and relationships.

Young male workers just out of high school started work at lower-than-average salaries but saw their earnings increase steadily as they aged.

How the Other 95 Percent Wed: For Coontz, apparently the single most important function of marriage throughout history has been the establishment of a tie between families and larger groups, what she calls the necessity of acquiring the right set of in-laws.

Overall, among single adults ages 25 to 34, according to a Pew Research Report released last October, there are only 84 currently employed single men for every single women, and only 51 currently employed single black men for every single black women.My copy of "The Way We Never Were" has check marks on nearly every page, a web of checks on many pages.

If you knew how many books I read that remain essentially check-less, you'd appreciate what a treasure Stephanie Coontz's book is. Marriage, a History: How Love Conquered Marriage [Stephanie Coontz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Just when the clamor over traditional marriage couldn’t get any louder, along comes this groundbreaking book to ask/5(). A shocking lightning!!! A BUNCH OF GENRES This was the third novel that I read by Dean Koontz (back in ). Still at that time (), I read the book in a Spanish translated version since I was still in the process to be able to read on English/5.

Author Stephanie Coontz teaches history and family studies at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. She is the author of The Way We Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap, The Way We Really Are: Coming to Terms With America's Changing Families, and The Social Origins of Private Life: A History of American Families.

Stephanie Coontz is an author, historian, and faculty member at Evergreen State College. She teaches history and family studies and is Director of Research and Public Education for the Council on Contemporary Families, which she chaired from Coontz has authored and co-edited several books about the history of the family and marriage.

Stephanie Coontz

Intensity is a novel by the best-selling author Dean Koontz, released in

Coontz summary
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