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He also looked up, smiled, and said it with confidence which I feel that gave the audience hope. He then brought the audience back into mood by raising his tone and stating statistics that we are better off than we were four years ago.

In the speech he used data, emotional appeals, and many other concepts to convince the audience and the country that Obama is going in the right direction for the country.

Bill Clinton Dnc Speech

Clinton also uses pathos in a sense that his humor and sarcasm could be felt throughout his speech and also helped to link the former president to the common man. Bill Clinton succeeded in persuading me to side with be with Democrats and vote for Obama. When talking about the great recession and how it affected the American people, Clinton lowered his tones and spoke with sadness by showing a frowning face.

Highlights from Bill Clinton's past convention speeches

He points out that in the past 52 years the Republican Party was in charge for 28 years and the democrats for 24 years and according to the math out of the 66 million jobs created in those 52 years, 24 million was created by Republicans and 42 million created by democrats.

Clinton also goes on to mention that the other candidate plans on cutting spending on government programs such as head start preschool program for poor children which evoked a sense of compassion from anyone in the audience who is around children or sympathizes with under privileged children which was practically everyone in the audience also effectively allowing Clinton to find another connection with the audience.

Some statistics he said were too broad which I feel that also brought down his credibility. Even though he was standing behind the podium he had a lot of movements with his upper body, turning side to side to directing his statement to everyone in the convention center.

He spoke with great conversation skills and at a rate which makes it comprehensible. Not only that he used many vocal varieties, Clinton also used many hand movement and gestures throughout the speech.

He takes a jab at the republican national convention by indirectly calling them professional liars through their clean appearance and ability to convince the people that they are good Christians whose only worry is the general welfare of Americans and how they almost had Clinton himself convinced that they were telling the truth which drew good laughter from the crowd.

His speech was very extemporaneous, he did not have any note cards or a teleprompter in front of him. During the speech Clinton showed a few weaknesses while addressing his speech.

Bill Clinton Dnc Speech Analysis Paper

Clinton stuttered at certain parts of the speech. When he brought up the topic about the Republics, he used a lot of movements and gestures to try to imply his reasoning.

Even before he was president, Clinton was also the governor of Arkansas who worked with previous republican presidents such as Ronald Reagan on welfare reform and George H. At the end of the speech Clinton wrapped it up with a story and spoke with confidence that America will be strong again if Obama is re-elected for the presidency.

I also feel that he should state the source from where he got his statistics. Finally, Clinton shifts to ethos to finish off his speech strongly and efficiently.Paper For my speech analysis paper I will be analyzing a speech made by former President Bill Clinton speaking at the Democratic National Convention in.

Jul 26,  · Bill Clinton's history of speeches at the Democratic National Convention has been like his political career, a series of ups and downs, where the former president has played the role of validator.

In former president Bill Clinton’s democratic national convention he relies heavily upon Aristotle’s persuasive speaking techniques to help convince the participants of the convention and those watching at home to reelect the nominee of the Democratic Party, current president Barack Obama.

Here is former president Bill Clinton's full speech at the Democratic National Convention. (The Washington Post). Former President William J.

Clinton’s prepared remarks for the Democratic National Convention on September 5, I want to nominate a man whose own life has known its fair share of adversity. Standing in front of thousands of audience who are motivated to involve into the election, the former President Bill Clinton delivered his speech to support Democratic nominee Barack Obama as the American President.

Comments on bill clintons speech at democratic national convention essay
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