Butterfly ballot

That election year, for the first and only time, the butterfly ballot was presented to the voters of Palm Beach County, which resulted Later in the evening, the networks reversed their call, moving to "too close to call", then later giving it to Bush; then they retracted that call as well, finally indicating the state was "too close to call".

He wants to try and find the votes to win where the Butterfly Ballot was used. On November 14, the original deadline for reporting results, with the Volusia County recount complete, Bush held a vote lead.

The Death of the Butterfly Ballot

Butterfly ballot In theory, arrows were supposed to point from each candidate to the corresponding space which needed to be marked, but small accidents of misregistration could cause the arrows to be misaligned, making it challenging to figure out which hole should be punched.

In the case of the butterfly ballot, the candidates were spread out across two pages, and the Butterfly ballot for punching were centered in the middle of the two page spread. The instructions on the sample ballots said "Vote every page. The re-count of ballots in Florida during the presidential election created a debate about the reliability of punch card ballots and precipitated a national crisis of public confidence in voting systems in general.

In a jurisdiction using a mechanical voting system, often called a "voting machine", voters choose by pulling a lever next to their choice. The ballot displayed the list of presidential running-mate pairs alternately across two adjacent pages, with a column of punch spaces down the middle.

Conservatives claimed that the same ballot had been successfully used in the election; [13] [14] in fact, it had never been used in a Palm Beach County election among rival candidates for office. This region of the state traditionally voted mostly Republican.

Numerous local court rulings went both ways, some ordering recounts because the vote was so close and others declaring that a selective manual recount in a few heavily Democratic counties would be unfair.

I have written what follows strictly so we can learn from the mistakes that caused the recent meltdown in the American election process. The top candidate on the first page was Republicanand the second was Democratic, leading people to believe that the corresponding second hole should be used to vote for the Democrat.

No physical ballot is used in this system, except when the voter chooses to write-in a candidate. On November 9, the Bush campaign announced they had hired George H. Abner Greene, 2 Voting Technology: These manual counts garnered Bush a net gain of votes.

Due to the narrow margin of the original vote count, Florida Election Code She says she tried to send word to her precincts to help voters navigate the ballot, but that the complaints kept rolling in.Aug 07,  · A butterfly ballot is a type of punch card ballot in which the candidates and issues are displayed on both sides, with a single line of numbered marks to punch.

Palm Beach election official Theresa LePore, who designed the “butterfly” ballot that many voters claimed was too confusing and led them to vote incorrectly, says she was just trying to make ballots easier for Palm Beach County voters.

Among these was the Palm Beach "butterfly ballot," which resulted in an unusually high number of votes for Reform Party candidate Pat Buchanan. Conservatives claimed that the same ballot had been successfully used in the election; in fact, it had never been used in a Palm Beach County election among rival candidates for office.

And that's the end of the butterfly ballot. Florida Supreme Court spokesman Craig Waters relayed the news at the end of a very busy legal day: "We conclude as a matter of law that the Palm Beach County ballot does not constitute substantial noncompliance with the statutory requirements mandating the.

«Butterfly ballot» A ballot is a device used to cast votes in an election, and may be a piece of paper or a small ball used in secret voting.

butterfly ballot

It was originally a small. Butterfly Ballot News. Find breaking news, commentary, and archival information about Butterfly Ballot From The tribunedigital-chicagotribune.

Butterfly ballot
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