Body cultures essays on sport space and identity

Banal occurrences or ideas are those that ordinarily we do not question, such as our membership of particular nation-states or the characteristics of local cultures.

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Medicalization The process by which bodily functions and processes become understood as matters of treatment under medical control. Masks of ageing The idea of social masks is a commonplace, that is, we display ourselves differently or present varying aspects of our social selves in different situations and for different audiences.

Body cultures : essays on sport, space, and identity

The forms of escape and resistance were manifest in a multitude of ways including political activism and protest, the creation of alternative lifestyles, experimental and communal living and through dress, drugs and music Heale, The original bakery was situated close to the college which later became Yale in Scotland, Mc Mahon, ; Mc Mahon, J.

Post-modernity is intended to capture a disenchantment with ideology and a heightened sense of individuality in social formations. One particular point of contention is whether the projectile was indeed a pie tin or whether, in fact, it was a cookie tin lid.

The making of a counterculture: People can be said to embody certain elements of their cultural background in the ways they manage, display and deport their bodies. An exploration of social resistance through the subculture of skateboarding, Sociology of Sport Journal, 12, — Sick role This is the process by which a person is positioned as a passive consumer of medical treatment and by which they embody the role of the sick person.

The everyday is traditionally viewed as something that tourists wish to escape from, although recent writings in tourism studies have begun to explore the relationships between everyday practices and vacation behaviours.

To Joel Silver and his friends it was creating a game that would embody all of these values, many of which continue to be manifest within Ultimate today.

The Origins and Development of Ultimate Frisbee

To date, little has been written about Ultimate or indeed the developmental process which has given rise to the creation and establishment of alternative sport. Also used to label the practices of those that share a social class, a lifestyle, an interest in a particular cultural pursuit, subcultural group membership or a particular set of behaviours.

Not surprisingly, perhaps, there are strong links between Yale and the origination of the Frisbee. Bourdieu, Pierre Outline of a Theory of Practice, trans. Herndonlike many, assumed that Silver had played something like Frisbee football with Jared Kass at camp, and then returned to Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey, and made up and named, a whole new game called Ultimate.

Body Cultures Essays on Sport, Space & Identity by Henning Eichberg

Frisbie son and heir of the late W. According to Herndonafter interviewing Silver, it was found that he had learned a Frisbee game from someone named Jared Kass while attending summer camp.

Johnson considers that both cases probably have some truth and merit but that additional research conducted, including conversations with the widow of Joseph P. These include, but are not limited to, the level of education one has reached, the kind of work one does, the sort of entertainments one enjoys, the places one goes, the cultural pursuits one takes part in or values, the class one identifies with, and so on.

Such claims have been supported by fellow players of the time Zagoria, Snowboarding and alternative youth. For example, childbirth is to all intents and purposes a natural bodily process but it has become medicalized to the extent that birth and reproduction have become a medical specialty and women are alienated from the lived experience of their bodies during pregnancy.

Bordo, Susan Unbearable Weight: Taylor Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods. A social critique of the judgement taste. Bourdieu, Pierre b In Other Words: More robust definitions emphasise aspects of community development, power-sharing, environmental education, conservation of natural resources and ethics.

What the pattern of development of Ultimate shows is that particular conditions need to be in place to facilitate the move from one significant stage to another. For the majority, being part of the counter culture was a frame of mind manifested in a particular way of life Farrell, Firstly, the origin of the name Frisbee will be examined followed by the subsequent development of the plastic flying disc.

The game was what one might describe as freeform early on, with no strict limits on how many players should be on each side, with as many as 20 to 30 players being allowed per team. Body work The process by which body projects are enacted, that is, through the physical actions required to carry out the chosen body project.

This was the counter culture coming to us and it stirred people up and made us feel like doing something dramatic University student in Anderson, An example of such a sport is that of Ultimate Frisbee.

Gerald Griggs — University of Wolverhampton, U. A symbolic Othering of the Orient. Rules have sprung up and although they vary, the game as now played is something like touch footballeach team trying to score goals by passing the tray down field.

Often contrasted with culture in terms of understanding landscapes or human behaviours. The term is also used to refer to political relations and understandings of the world that emerge from formerly colonised lands.

These movements include not only tourism but also the flow of everyday life, through transport, migration and communication. See Medicine and Science.Body Cultures: Essays on Sport, Space & Identity by Henning - download pdf or read online Download e-book for kindle: Space-time adaptive processing for radar by J.

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starting a personal essay with a quote. Culture, Sport, Society Volume 3, - Issue 1. 0 CrossRef citations Altmetric Book Reviews Book reviews. Jeffrey Richards University of Lancaster, John Bale and Chris Philo (eds.), Body Cultures: Essays on Sport, Space and Identity by Henning Eichberg (London: Routledge, ).

£ ISBN 0–––2. "Body Cultures explores the relationship between the body, sport and landscape. This book presents the first critically edited collection of Henning Eichberg's provocative essays into 'body culture', enquiring into the themes of space and place through considerations of the spatial dimensions of the body, culture and sport in society.

Body Cultures explores the relationship between the body, sport and landscape. This book presents the first critically edited collection of Henning Eichberg's seven provocative essays in "body culture". Body Cultures explores the relationship between the body, sport and landscape.

This book presents the first critically edited collection of Henning Eichberg's provocative essays into 'body culture'. Eichberg, a well-known scholar in continental Europe who draws upon the ideas of Elias, Focault, Habermas and others, is now attracting considerable interest from Anglo-American sociologists 5/5(1).

Body cultures essays on sport space and identity
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