Because i liked you better

Whether all these meanings are truly plausible, it seems safe to say that the imagery of greenness and clover is at least appropriate to a graveyard setting. After failing his first degree at Oxford in mysterious circumstances, he became a clerk at the Patent Office before becoming a classical scholar at the age of 33, eventually becoming Professor of Latin at Cambridge in The line which affects me, time after time, is the last one.

These enduring favourites make a nostalgic, wistful collection about life and love in the English countryside.

What I think is deceptive about the poem is the strength of emotion: Pollard another Classics scholar, I think and Moses Jackson, a celebrated athlete and oarsman. And so to our second poem — shorter and more hard hitting, I think.

After his death ina posthumous collection, More Poems, was published that alternated between more reveries on the beauties of nature and personal reflections on his unrequited love for his Oxford friend Moses Jackson. Perhaps surprisingly, it was Alan Hollinghurst who has been his most public advocate of late, writing a well-considered and moving foreword to a recent collectionwhich made a cogent argument for why Housman should be considered first and foremost a queer writer.

Share via Email A poet of simple forms and straightforward language Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. They were thus suitable as graveyard plantings.

Lately unfashionable: AE Housman

At the time of the writing of the poem, however, the speaker still seems to be in enough love with his one-time friend to imagine this grave-side scenario and to write the present wistful, nostalgic poem. He would not stay for me, and who can wonder? Interestingly, Hans Biedermann in He would not stay for me to stand and gaze.

I shook his hand, and tore my heart in sunder, And went with half my life about my ways. He was unfortunate in that he was neither a flashy aesthete nor a daring modernist, producing old-fashioned verse that used simple forms and unflashy language to evoke time, place and mood with consummate skill.

Housman had never set foot in the county before writing it. If Housman and many of his readers were aware of this association of clover with falling in love and with love-making, the clover imagery at the end of this poem might have seemed especially ironic, since the speaker and the young man to whom he was once attracted were never able to fully express let alone physically consummate any love that may once have existed between them.

Poem of the Month: Because I Liked You by A E Housman

In the final stanza, the speaker asks the man who once attracted him to acknowledge that the now-dead speaker has lived up to the promise of distance and silence that he the speaker long ago made.

In the final two stanzas of A. His classical scholarship - erudite and witheringly dismissive of his rivals - still has its followers, but it is his poetry that reached a far wider audience, beginning with his collection A Shropshire Lada title laced with an irony that probably escaped most of its first readers: There has been no major biography of him, perhaps on account of the dullness of his life, nor any serious reevaluation of the poetry.

Because I liked you better Than suits a man to say, It irked you, and I promised To throw the thought away.Day 23 of the Fun-a-Day project with the Artclash Collective. Because I Liked You (untitled love poem, published posthumously) By A.E.

Housman. Because I liked you better Than suits a man to say, It irked you, and I promised To throw the thought away. Some of this writing, such as XXXI's "Because I liked you better / Than suits a man to say" is still amazingly suggestive sexually, such as the observation that the two men should part "stiff and.

“Because I liked you better Than suits a man to say, It irked you, and I promised I'd throw the thought away. To put the world between us We parted stiff and dry. The first two stanzas of 'Because I Liked You Better' seem fairly straightforward.

Housman is expressing (with guarded language) the homosexual feelings that he had for his friend Jackson. Because I Liked You Better by A.E. Housman: Analysis and Commentary. Because I Liked you Better, by A.E. Housman Click to read poem here Analysis.

Rhyme scheme and structure; The poem has four stanzas, written in. Because I Liked You.

Because I Liked You, by A.E. Housman

Because I liked you better. Than suits a man to say, It irked you, and I promised. To throw the thought away. To put the world between us.

Because i liked you better
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