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Spending time with my kids. One of her goals is to renovate the space. I appreciate a nice cigar and great conversation. Who would play you in a movie? What was your first job? The changing market in the oil business has produced fluctuations in the industry, affecting employment in the city and area.

Doctors were unable to figure out what was going on. That we will realize the importance of diversity and inclusion, and how it directly affects the quality of life for everyone! Nerjyzed is the first video game company to set up shop in Baton Rouge.

Splash of cream, no sugar What is your favorite movie? What is your greatest professional accomplishment? If you could have dinner with any three living people, who would they be? What is your greatest professional accomplishment?

Music If you could change one thing about Baton Rouge, what would it be? What book are you currently reading? Popularly known as Cajunsthe descendants of the Acadians maintained a separate culture.

What is your greatest hope for Baton Rouge?

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

What is your prescription for life? I love to sail. In retrospect, I honestly believe it was leaving the comfortable confines of corporate America to come home and follow my dream.

The war nearly halted economic progress, except for businesses associated with supplying the Union Army occupation of the city beginning in the spring of On July 17, Gavin Eugene Long shot six police officersresulting in three deaths.

Executive Spotlight: Keith Tillage

In his guidebook, Karl Baedeker described Baton Rouge as "the Capital of Louisiana, a quaint old place with 10, inhabitants, on a bluff above the Mississippi". The firm ranked No. What was your first job? Others just had no idea. She saw an opportunity to move her company from Dallas to Baton Rouge, to take a chance on our city.

Stephen David Beck Title: If you started over, what would you do differently? If you started over, what would you do differently? What is your greatest hope for Baton Rouge? My dad owned a couple of clothing stores in San Diego, and I worked there, stocking shelves, operating the cash register, and eventually helping customers.

Spotlight on Jenny Ballard – Theatre Baton Rouge’s new executive director discusses her new job

What is your favorite gadget? Why do you do what you do? Make sure Best of This Week keeps arriving in your inbox with just a few simple steps.Business Report Executive Spotlight: Stephen David Beck. Baton Rouge Business Report Executive Spotlight: Q & A with Stephen David Beck LSU.

Hometown: San Diego, Calif. Who would play you in a movie? Dustin Hoffman. What do you do to unwind? I love to sail.

There is something so magical about gliding through the water without the. This allowed development of a business quarter safe from seasonal flooding.

According to the city's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the top employers in the city were Under this system, Baton Rouge has the uncommon office of "mayor-president", which consolidates the executive offices of "mayor of Baton Rouge" and "president.

Jenny Ballard put her name in the running for Theatre Baton Rouge’s executive director position fairly late in the game.

Baton Rouge Recruiters and Executive Search

Though she had known the local arts organization for some time through her husband, technical director Kenneth Mayfield, and was a big supporter of Theatre Baton Rouge as an. For over 30 years, the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report has been comminted to delivering accurate, honest and in-depth coverage of the Baton Rouge business scene.

Hover over the images below to see more information about print, online and email advertising oppourtunities. Business Focusing on safety, there’s rising demand across Baton Rouge for high school athletic trainers Militello’s has a new owner but it’s still all about the shoes.

Executive Spotlight: Keith Tillage Tillage returned to Baton Rouge from Dallas in to team up with his father in the commercial construction business. The son might get more of the spotlight these days, but he says he and his father equally own the company.

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Baton rouge business report executive spotlight the movie
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