Analyzing a discourse community essay

As a result of this discussion, I learned more about discourse communities and how language and power affects a community. A example of a discourse community are Police Officers. The code of ethics is also important for Polices Officers because they must agree to the ethics before joining the police force.

I learned to incorporate supporting texts from John Swales article through listing the defining characteristic. I got to incorporate lexis which are the vocabulary police officer uses. I got to print out a anonymous survey that lets the community provide feedback to Police Officers.

I got to communicate clearly what a discourse community was from mentioning the six defining characteristic John Swales mentions.

I got the chance to provide specific examples to demonstrate the six characteristics Swales mention. Other members who help investigate the crime can helps solve the case. The language Police Officers use to communicate is powerful because the receiver might not hear the entire word due to static in the transmitter.

The purpose having a responsibility in the Police Force is to show power by following the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics. The goal of this is to show new Police Officers who join the community is to learn from the veterans.

A discourse community has their own defining characteristics in the community they belong in. I got to analyze a discourse community of my own choice.

The reports of the crime are sent to other officers in the community to encourage action. Police officers in the law enforcement have a agreed set of common goals. When a officer uses language another officer knows, they can be informed of the problem quicker to solve.

They also want to improve themselves by receiving feedback from the public community.

The feedback form is also to receive complaints from officers who did something inappropriate. I was also aware on how a discourse community communicates through their own language.

Another action Police Officers take is to review surveillance cameras to find a suspect. I incorporated multimedia images I had found online for my written essay. The Police Department wants to provide the finest police service instead of an employee in the community breaching their own community laws.

When Police Officers in the community are all informed by knowing and abiding to the code of ethics, they share the knowledge they learn to new Police Officers joining the force. Police Officers goals are to protect and to serve. In this discussion post I got to think of what a discourse community is.Analyze Your Discourse Communities According to Dr.

Zemliansky, a discourse community is a group of people that share common interests and who discuss topics important to the group. Before you begin any research project, it is important to understand your discourse community, because this.

Discourse Community Essay - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Comparison essay5/5(1). Subject: Analyzing a Discourse Community I am analyzing my bowling league for our homework assignment, in which we were required to identify specialized terms, proper topics, channels, and rules.

Specialized terms. Discourse Community Essay Reflection Before I took EnglishI did not know what a discourse community was, but after I started reading the scholarly articles, I had a. - After watching and analyzing Dr. Gabor Maté’s speech about power and addiction, it is extremely evident and clear to see how vague the word “addiction” is and how the global community today has related such a topic to a limited discourse that pertains simply to substance use and abuse.

Time Essay #1 in class A discourse community is a group of people who share the same common goals. A example of a discourse community are Police Officers.

Analyzing a discourse community essay
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