Analysis of the joker

I got a call from Bob Kane He blows up the majority of the police station and captures Lau, bringing him to the mob.

The Dark Knight (2008)

He says to Gordon: The Joker successfully proves a theory that maybe not all men are evil, but some are. I cut the picture out of the book and gave it to Bob, who drew the profile and gave it a more sinister aspect. Bill finished that first script from my outline of the persona and what should happen in the first story.

He then wonders if he cut the Chechen up into little pieces how loyal a hungry dog really would be, strengthening his curiosity for the theory on whether or not man is truly evil. In the story the Joker has been going around Gotham creating chaos and taking down old enemies.

Another interesting Joker story although no way near as good as Killing Jokein the story Batman only appears briefly and says 3 words.

After Joker successfully drives away with bags of cash, he meets with the mob in order to make them a offer: Now this scene is pretty damn interesting. However, he is disappointed when Batman swerves in order to miss and crashes his bike.

Bob made a rough sketch of it. I went to the DC library and read some of the early stories.

Joker (character)

But Gordon learned quite a bit about the Joker this issue. After realizing that Batman is almost unbreakable, Joker switches his full attention to Harvey Dent who is now in the hospital after his accident. For now, we watch him smile through the flames: A creature much larger than the entire Batman legend that can transcend a physical form.

Bounty hunters would start to take notice in him. So first lets breakdown what an absurdist is. He latches on to Batman to help create his sense of the world. Jerry Robinson came to me with a playing card of the Joker.

Art by Neal Adams. Cacophony he tells his opponent: The only thing that keeps him from total victory is Batman himself: Although the police protect Claridge, the Joker had poisoned him before making his announcement and Claridge dies with a ghastly grin on his face; Batman eventually defeats him, sending him to prison.

He pushes them into abandoning every principle they hold, he shows them how little the police or the Batman can do to keep them safe, and then he sits back and waits for the city to tear itself apart. Asked why he came to Metropolis, the Joker replies simply: But rather, to help him live on forever, so that they can continue their hellish love affair for all eternity.

Something so bad it made him snap and realise the meaninglessness of life.

SWOT Analysis of the Joker

And the Joker is so twisted that the idea actually fills him with glee. A Serious House on Serious Earth, the Joker is seductive toward Batman; it is uncertain if their relationship has homoerotic undertones or if the Joker is simply trying to manipulate his nemesis. The Joker is targeting Jim Gordon, trying to give him one really bad day to break him.

Simple and believable, as far as realism in comics goes. The Joker, a totally sane man, created a monster and psychopath. I thought—and he agreed—that it takes away some of the essential mystery. The Joker believes that Batman has not killed him because he makes Batman better, and he loves the villain for that.

Finger thought the concept was incomplete, providing the image of Veidt with a ghastly, permanent rictus grin. The Dark Knight: The Joker’s Psychological Analysis Mackenzie Sirmans Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College The Dark Knight: The Joker’s Psychological Analysis Throughout comic book history, the Joker, Batman’s arch-nemesis, has been characterized as one of the most infamous and fascinating characters.

The Dark Knight Analysis: The Joker's Plan (TDK From Joker's point of view) ( submitted 6 years ago * by AndyBerNardDawg Let me know what you guys think and you are more than welcome to correct me or ask for proof about anything.

Jul 18,  · The Dark Knight () full movie breakdown!

The Demonic Joker of Batman: Endgame -- A Critical Analysis

What details did you miss in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight -- from Heath Ledger's masterful performance as the Joker, and how game theory. The Joker and Lex Luthors Deal The relationship between the Joker and Lex Luthor varies a great deal from comic book to comic book.

) The Joker could unite Batman’s classic rogue’s gallery to fight him together. Of all the villains in the history of film, the Joker in 'The Dark Knight' is without doubt one of the most iconic and mesmerizing.

But to understand why, we have to study the psychology and philosophy of the Joker.

Joker the Absurdist: A character analysis

The Joker (Heath Ledger) BACK; NEXT ; Character Analysis. We hear a couple of seriously gruesome stories about the Joker's origins in this film, all delivered by the man himself and all of them complete poppycock.

Analysis of the joker
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