An analysis of the film elizabeth

Half of the country was now practicing the Catholic faith with the other half practicing the Protestant faith.

The Armada was defeated by the skillful maneuvers of the English fleet, and was further debilitated by stormy weather known as the "Protestant Wind". Elizabeth needs to learn which of her advisors to listen to as some are not out for her best interest.

England was saved from the Spanish threat, establishing the roots of a long tradition of English naval dominance.

She was then forced to sign a document on the threat of death to abdicate her throne and title of the Queen of Scotland. Her succeeding marriages were met with such scandal.

She sent Essex to Ireland to command her army, but when he disobeyed orders and failed to complete his objectives, Elizabeth banished him from her presence.

In the end, to keep England, she surrenders herself body and soul to the needs of her country, becoming lethal when necessary, and ultimately becoming for her people, a leader of religious proportions.

Outraged by the actions done by the Scottish lords against her cousin, Elizabeth I protected her cousin and detained her as a prisoner Campion and Holleran ; Perry Elizabeth I and Foreign Policy, It also caused her to identify with males in terms of being dominant and exemplifying traits of fearlessness and being aggressive.

But she will be married only to her country. These events led modern-day psychologists to conclude that Queen Elizabeth I was suffering from clinical hysteria.

It showed the two sides of the Queen. Upon becoming Queen, she enters into the deadly ongoing political chess game involving pawns and bishops from France and Spain, along with English Catholics who call her the "bastard queen.

Her marriage to the Earl of Bothwell resulted to a national uprising where she was defeated in We know of course, from history, that she survived and went on to lead England into a Golden Elizabethan Age which saw the defeat of the Spanish Armada, and great writings by Francis Bacon, William Shakespeare, Edmund Spenser and others.

Work with a least one question among each of the following headings. Elizabeth realises she has some decisions to make, the most important being who rules England.

Film Analysis: “Elizabeth: the Golden Age” Essay

To ensure her security on the throne, Elizabeth has to show some leadership, which includes, according to some of her many advisors, establishment of a single Protestant based Church of England, marriage to a suitable husband and the production of an heir.

After ridding herself of the main conspirators, Elizabeth decides to become the virgin queen and rules England for 40 years or so. Mary would come to be known as "Bloody Mary" for her harsh treatment of English Protestants in her attempt to restore Catholicism to England.

Historical Elizabeth was a vigorous young woman who enjoyed robust outdoor activities including riding and hunting. Form groups of four and share and discuss your portraits.

His sickly son Edward VI reigns for a short while before dying so his eldest daughter, Mary, a childless Catholic, has ascended to the throne. Houghton- Mifflin Trade and Reference, She then sought protection on her life in England and her cousin, Elizabeth I.

The plot included two armies were situated along the coasts of Sussex and Norfolk. His first wife, Catherine, provided no son and so he wanted to divorce her. What contrasts in setting have there been?

9 Working with a film - Elizabeth (p. 18)

Members of her own court, the Duke of Norfolk, for example, conspire against her. This did not come as a surprise since there have been numerous documents and literary works where the events of the life of Queen Elizabeth I were re-arranged.

This being the case, she did not see any reason why she should still marry a man. However, the re-arrangement done in the film with regards on the timeline and reasons for events to occur may have provided confusing information for the viewers of the film since these events have been re-arranged just as Sir Walter Scott had done centuries before in order to correlate the events presented in the film to each other even if historical records showed otherwise.The object here is to connect this film to what you have read about British history and social conditions.

The tools of literary analysis will help to the focus the students’ attention on the messages and intentions of the film. The movie Elizabeth () is a mostly accurate film about the reign of Queen Elizabeth in In this film, Elizabeth is portrayed as a vigorous young woman in her twenties with the brain power and enormous potential to become the greatest ruler to ever have graced England's throne.

“THE QUEEN” MOVIE ANALYSIS 7 negotiation between the Queen Elizabeth II and the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, started within the frames of a distributive process, while she struggled with her reaction to a sequence of events and traditional royal protocol enabling her to see the risk factors in public mistrust and potential political damages.

The new film depicts the newly elected Prime Minister’s battle of wills with Elizabeth II (Helen Mirren) following the death of the former Princess Diana on August 31, For nearly a week, Elizabeth resisted Blair’s entreaties that she fly the Royal Standard at half-mast over Buckingham.

Elizabeth I (also known as Elizabeth the Great, or the "Virgin Queen") was born in into a dangerous world of political intrigue. When she was only two years old, her father, King Henry VIII killed her mother, Ann Boleyn, because she had not yet produced a male heir.

Henry's routine killing of. The film “Elizabeth: the Golden Age” is an example of the Queen’s popularity in literature. Although much of the film had accurately depicted the life of the Queen as to the reason why the Elizabethan period of England was synonymous to the period of peace and prosperity, there were a number of discrepancies between the information shown.

An analysis of the film elizabeth
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